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Dr. Lindsey Duca PsyD

Am I Hungry? Workshop Facilitator


Dr. Lindsey Duca PsyD
Meriter Medical Group



Email Address:

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Phone Number:


Mailing Address:

6408 Copps Ave
Monona, Wisconsin
United States 53716

About Lindsey:

Dr. Lindsey Duca is as a health psychologist at Meriter Medical Group. She and her colleague, Dr. Gretchen Diem, offer Am I Hungry groups at the Monona Clinic to adults who are interested in learning strategies to maintain a healthy approach to weight management. These groups are on Mondays from 3-5pm and are held in an ongoing capacity.

Dr. Duca and Dr. Diem work with individuals who are interested in making positive changes to improve their health. They offer support to adults whose health is negatively impacted by psychological concerns including depressed mood, anxiety, and stress. Their focus is on empowering their patients by teaching skills in mindfulness, changing ineffective thinking patterns, learning strategies to make sustainable lifestyle changes. and developing a sense of confidence in personal health goals.

Workshop Activity

Current Workshops going on now.

Workshop Name and Dates


Monona July - September 2014 AIH Group

From 07/28/2014 to 09/22/2014

Meriter Monona Clinic, 6408 Copps Ave, Monona WI

Past Workshops that have already taken place.

Workshop Name and Dates


Am I Hungry Monona 5/19-7/14/14

From 05/19/2014 to 07/14/2014

Meriter Monona Clinic, 6408 Copps Ave, Monona, WI 53716

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