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Anastasia Grasso Accredited Practicing Dietitian/ Mindful Eating Facilitator

Am I Hungry? Licensee


Anastasia Grasso Accredited Practicing Dietitian/ Mindful Eating Facilitator
Stay Nourished



Email Address:

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Phone Number:

0406 168 599

Mailing Address:

Darwin, NT

About Anastasia:

I am an accredited practicing dietitian, Am I hungry? Facilitator based in Darwin Australia. My journey with yo-yo dieting and disordered eating began in my early 20’s and lasted throughout my university years. Soon after graduating I discovered that information does not mean transformation. Although I had an in depth understanding of nutrition and food, when it came to eating, I felt out of control. Working across various settings, I noticed a similar pattern with many of my clients and soon was feeling helpless as a dietitian – my clients understood what they SHOULD eat but also felt out of control, when it came to following the "healthy eating rules".
This lead me to delve deeper and explore different methods to achieve wellness that is beyond a number on the scales or a BMI. I began practicing using a mindful eating,or else known as the non-diet approach with clients and became an Am I Hungry? facilitator. This approach has changed my relationship with food and is changing my client’s lives.
Based on the principles of self-compassion and a deep knowing that you are your own expert, I help you re-connect to your body, accept and embrace your appetite and eat fearlessly and with true enjoyment. I run workshops and seminars in Darwin, and offer private consultations in person or through skype.

Program Activity

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Program Name and Dates


Online Mindful Eating Program

From 01/29/2019 to 03/19/2019


The Am I hungry? Mindful Eating Program delivered through weekly webinar sessions. When: 29 Jan 2019 6 PM ACST (Darwin NT), over 8 consecutive weeks. We will be using Zoom - all you need is good internet connection and your device. No need to be a tech pro. for more info visit www.staynourished.com.au

Darwin Mindful Eating Program

From 05/25/2019 to 07/13/2019

Coconut Grove, Nightcliff Chiropractic Health Centre

Face to face group program starting 25th May in Darwin Australia.

Darwin Mindful Eating Program 24th Oct - 12th Dec 2017

From 10/24/2017 to 12/12/2017

Darwin, NT, Australia

Mindful eating program running through Healthy Living NT. Contact us on (08) 89278488 for more details. Or email mindfuleating@healthylivingnt.org.au

Nov - Dec 2018 Darwin Mindful Eating Program

From 11/03/2018 to 12/13/2018

Coconut Grove

Join us for the Am I hungry? (c) Mindful Eating Program face to face in Darwin Australia. It will run over 8 weeks and you will receive the Eat What You Love, Love What You Eat Book and workbook. The program will run in a group setting, each session running for 90 min. This is the perfect opportunity to do something for YOU! It will support you to become an intuitive eater, trust your body and appetite and break free from dieting for good! Call Anastasia on 0406168599 for more information or registrations! See you soon :)

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