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Kristina Hallberg RDN

Am I Hungry? Licensee


Kristina Hallberg RDN
Pantry Talk, LLC



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Mailing Address:

8200 East Lippizan Trail
Scottsdale, Arizona
United States 85258

About Kristina:

Hi! I'm Kristina, a Registered Dietitian Nutritionist by profession, fitness enthusiast and yogi by day and frequent recipe experimenter and tester by evening.
When I am not cooking up new recipes at home, I am out mindfully discovering the healthiest delicious bites at cool restaurants.
I am just like you with real life challenges, cookie cravings….lover of red wine, new cookbooks, great music, animals, natural beauty products, almonds, anything peanut butter, yummy food, coffee, green juice and yoga.

As a nutrition expert my philosophy is: Mindful. Simple. Whole. Tasty. Fresh. Nutritious. Satisfying. Realistic and most of all INDIVIDUAL. I want you to live a healthy life that works best for you, makes you happy and makes you feel awesome.

Now is the time to drop your last diet, reach out to me for more information on the Am I Hungry Program and how mindful eating can help free you from diets and Live Life Deliciously Healthy!!

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New Year, New Mindset 8 Week Program

From 01/14/2017 to 03/11/2017


Let go of all previous "diets", liberate yourself and learn practical mindful eating techniques you can apply to your everyday lifestyle. 8-week program, beginning Saturday Jan 14th 10AM - 11:30AM (AZ time zone) Note: No class on Feb. 25th. This is your healthiest year yet! I hope to see you there!! ~Kristina

Drop the Diet, Feel Awesome

From 09/20/2017 to 11/08/2017

Scottsdale, Arizona

AmIHungry? 60 minute 8 -wk sessions all webinar format.

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