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Yanin C. Lopez RD, MS, Wellcoaches® CHWC, Licensed Am I Hungry?® Coach

Am I Hungry? Licensee


Yanin C. Lopez RD, MS, Wellcoaches® CHWC, Licensed Am I Hungry?® Coach
Yan Coaching



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Echeverria 1366
Buenos Aires, Florida
Argentina 1428

About Yanin C.:

I’ve been working in the dietetic and food field for over 15 years in hospital settings, food industry, and private practice first as a registered dietitian and then also as a health and wellness coach. Years of experience in helping patients with diets, meal plans, food habits, and body acceptance has taught me that self-knowledge, client support and mindfulness are key in achieving genuine healthy lifelong lasting food behavior changes and a happy life. This is exactly what Am I Hungry? ® is about and this is why I am so passionate about it.

Through coaching I will help you have a clearer image of where you want to be, where you are now, and how to easily connect the dots. I will help you deconstruct your eating habits and thinking patterns and build newer and better ones aligned with your true values and desires. I will assist you in getting organized, in choosing, achieving goals, and learning from them. We will work together in discovering the factors that influence in why, what, how, how much you eat and where all of this is taking you. You will be provided with my guidance and support in taking the action you need. You will learn to tune into yourself, be present, be strong, be better. I know it can be tough, but I also know that with the right person by your side, the journey can be so much better.

Currently I work from my office with local clients and patients and through Skype, Google Hangouts, and by phone with international clients. I offer coaching sessions in English and Spanish (español/espanol).

Questions? Comments? Just curious? Why wait! We only live once. Contact me for a get-to-know-each-other complimentary session.

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Am I Hungry? Mindful Eating Coaching From the Comfort of Your Home

From 06/28/2017 to 12/31/2020

by telephone, Skype or Google Hangouts

Is dieting, restrictions, overeating, and food rules making your life smaller? Do you want to create a healthier relationship with food? Would you like to feel more at ease, centered, and confident when it comes to eating? I know what that's like and would love to help you. As your coach, I can help you discover what truly motivates you to make healthier choices, teach you strategies that are useful for you to overcome your everyday obstacles, apply the strengths you already have and may not even be aware of to achieve your goals, use the valuable techniques and strategies Dr. Michelle May provides in Eat What You Love, Love What You Eat book to become a better, stronger and happier version of yourself. Are you thinking I might be a good match for you in this life-changing journey? Let’s find out! We can schedule a get-to-know each other talk. Email me at the address above for Mindful Eating Coaching, or if you purchased one of the Am I Hungry? programs that includes coaching, you can request me as your coach.

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