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Katie Winnell RN, NC-BC

Am I Hungry? Licensee


Katie Winnell RN, NC-BC
Winnell Wellness Consulting, LLC.



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Mailing Address:

1301 Howard St.
Petoskey, Michigan
United States 49770

About Katie:

Katie Winnell is a State of Michigan Registered Nurse, Board Certified Nurse Coach, Credentialed Health Educator and Clinical Meditation Specialist. Having worked in the nursing profession for over twenty years, Katie has transitioned her skill set to integrative nurse coaching and health education. Working individually and in group settings, Katie works as a guide to facilitate the integration of tools and techniques to help clients identify and live a balanced and joyful life no matter what their health circumstances may be. She utilizes evidence-based health information and integrative health coaching tools, including clinical applications of mindfulness, meditation, and imagery, as well as mindful eating training, to assist clients in recognizing their own internal wisdom, and use that wisdom to envision, plan, and live a joyful, balanced life.
Personal experience with mindfulness, meditation, and integrated health planning has helped Katie transition from a life of chronic illness and chronic pain to a state of joyful, expansive and vibrant living, despite struggling with health. An integral part of Katie’s journey included re-learning to savor the delight which nourishing food, enjoyed fully, can bring to a state of balanced health.She is passionate about sharing the possibility of a life lived with inspired joy with others working toward health and wellness. Katie has combined this passion with her personal experience and professional skill set to bring forth integrated, insightful wellness opportunities through her business, Winnell Wellness Consulting, LLC, located in Petoskey, MI and serving all of Northern Michigan.

Going beyond symptoms and disease models, Katie offers compassionate clinical skill, evidence-based tools, and nurturing space in which others can begin their own journey toward optimal, integrated, and joyful living.

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