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Kelley Raetzsch RD

Am I Hungry? Licensee


Kelley Raetzsch RD
Embrace Eating Recovery



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Mailing Address:

3330 Bourbon Street #105
Fredericksburg, Virginia
United States 22408

About Kelley:

You have tried every diet. Dieting has failed you. You have tried weighing yourself frequently. The scale has failed you. You have tried calorie counting...it has failed you.

You are tired of being frustrated with not knowing what to eat, feeling guilty when you do eat the foods you love and dreading even the thought of a trip to the gym to burn the dreaded calories you have put in your body.

You look in the mirror and it tells says "you are not thin enough, you are not good enough.."


Hi I'm Kelley, your Warrior Dietitian who will fight for your freedom from food, body and weight obsessions. Let's join together and journey through the 8-Week Mindful Eating course to help you find FREEDOM and regain YOUR LIFE!

No matter where you are, you can end the dieting cycle and enter FREEDOM through one of our LIVE webinars. Check out my website MyEmbracedLife.com for the schedule.

You are more than a number. Are you ready to live like it?

Let's go...

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Experience Freedom From Binge Eating

From 01/28/2020 to 04/07/2020

virtual, web-based using zoom

10-Week Virtual program to help you overcome binge eating, experience freedom from food worry and make peace with your body. Join Dr. Kari Anderson, co-creator of the Am I Hungry? Mindful Eating for Binge Eating program and Registered Dietitian, Kelley Raetzsch as they support your journey to healing.

Past Programs that have already taken place.

Program Name and Dates


Master Your Eating Decisions

From 01/15/2018 to 03/03/2018


This is a web-based 8 week course taking you from yo-yo dieting to embracing confident & fearless eating so that you can start 2018 without another diet resolution. Join the virtual session early to get the best on-line deals! Each session is hosted by your Registered "Warrior" Dietitian, Kelley Raetzsch. See you soon!

1:1 MG

From 03/07/2017 to 05/02/2017

Live Webinar: 8 Week Mindful Eating Masterclass

From 06/15/2017 to 08/03/2017

On-line virtual program via Webinar-Link will be provided

in 8 weeks you will... * Identify what triggers your hunger and non-hunger urges to eat * Choose food for enjoyment and nourishment *Identify the 3 main factors that influences non-hunger eating * Understand how your emotions impact your food decisions * Learn & successfully implement strategies to overcome non-hunger urges to eat * Eat for optimal satisfaction & satiety * Explore joyful movement * Learn to care for your body respectfully * Learn basic nutrition principles to consider without judgement * Break free of past habits and find the optimal eating strategy to allow you to live life to the fullest You can also expect... * 8 weekly sessions filled with powerful steps to guide you to freedom * Live Webinar format * Weekly emails recapping action steps * Weekly "Mindful Moment", a gentle reminder on implementing what you learn and practicing self-care * A copy of the book "Eat What You Love, Love What You Eat" * Awareness Journal to improve understanding of your experiences with food Sign Up Here: https://www.myembracedlife.com/mindfuleating -----Custom Coaching Packages Available to Enhance Your Mindful Eating Journey----

Summer 2019 Fredericksburg 8 Week Program

From 09/09/2019 to 08/28/2019

Fredericksburg, VA

Take an 8 week journey to lay the foundation of mindful eating. Uncover the reasons you eat when you are not hungry, eat past fullness and step into the instinctive eating cycle. You will begin to recognize and respectfully respond to hunger & fullness! Join us at the Radco Building in Fredericksburg, VA for this Am I Hungry? Mindful Eating program!

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