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Mrs. Lori Hurst MD

Am I Hungry? Licensee


Mrs. Lori Hurst MD
Freedom Living, LLC

Email Address:

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Phone Number:


Mailing Address:

925 W. Muskegon Dr.
Greenfield, Indiana
United States 46140

About Lori:

Dr. Hurst is a Family Physician in Greenfield, IN (Indianapolis surrounding area) who is passionate about education concerning weight management. Being a recovered yo-yo dieter herself, she has found freedom and stability in the "Am I Hungry" program. She is also dedicated to educating parents about preventing childhood obesity, as well as getting both parents and children moving. "Am I Hungry" is the most rational, motivating, and successful long term program she has encountered after 20+ years of dieting, which is why she presents it to her patients and teaches workshops at the local health center.

Program Activity

Past Programs that have already taken place.

Program Name and Dates


Greenfield Winter 8 Week Workshop

From 02/12/2008 to 04/01/2008

Anderson Family Practice

An 8 week Am I Hungry? Workshop introducing the basics of this non-diet approach to weight management.

Greenfield Indiana Summer 2007 7:00 pm

From 05/23/2007 to 07/18/2007

Anderson Family Practice, 300 E. Boyd Ave, Suite 120 Greenfield, IN

An 8 week workshop exploring "Am I Hungry? What to do When Diets Don't Work" for new participants in the Greenfield area.

Greenfield Indiana Summer 2007 5:00 pm

From 05/23/2007 to 07/18/2007

Anderson Family Practice 300 E. Boyd Ave. Ste. 120 Greenfield, IN

An 8 week workshop exploring the concepts of the Am I Hungry? weight management program.

Summer workshop at Brandywine Community Church

From 06/30/2011 to 08/18/2011

Brandywine Community Church, corner of New and Blue Rd. Greenfield, IN

Am I Hungry? is coming to Brandywine Community Church. We will be incorporating the Christian Companion Guide into the Am I Hungry? Workshop. A first time event here in Greenfield, IN.

Greenfield Late Summer 2007

From 08/02/2007 to 09/20/2007

300 E. Boyd Ave Ste. 120

Fall 2008 Greenfield Workhsop

From 09/11/2008 to 10/30/2008

Hancock Wellness Center, New Rd. Greenfield, IN

Am I Hungry? has teamed with Hancock Wellness, LLC. Attend the class and use the health facilities during your 8 week workshop!

Fall 2009 Greenfield IN Workshop

From 10/07/2009 to 11/25/2009

300 E. Boyd Ave. Ste. 120 Greenfield, IN 46140

Individual Consultation

From 04/01/2008 to 12/31/2008

Anderson Family Practice, 300 E. Boyd Ave. Greenfield, IN

Eight sessions for new participants in the Greenfield Indiana area to go over the basics of the Am I Hungry? program.

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