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Heidi Ligouri MC, LPC, NCC

Am I Hungry? Licensee


Heidi Ligouri MC, LPC, NCC
GROWTHspring Counseling & Coaching



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Mailing Address:

8727 S. Priest Dr. Suite 101
Tempe, Arizona
United States 85283

About Heidi:

I am first and foremost a life long learner. My learning has taken me on a journey to discover all I can about the human condition and the innate gift of healing that I believe exists in all of us. Through this process, I have acquired my Master’s degree in Counseling Psychology, been trained as a facilitator for the AM I HUNGRY? Mindfulness Eating for Binge Eating program, and became certified as an EMDR therapist. In addition to my formal training, I have become fairly well read on the subjects of mindfulness, meditation, and interpersonal communication. Though grateful for my formal training, my ongoing learning happens each and every day with every client that I see and experience I have. Be it in session, at a race, or out with my family, each experience teaches me something new about our human condition. It is this ongoing process of being open to the experiences that unfold before me that allows me to be the practitioner that I am today. I am grateful for each and every one of my clients and their willingness to have partnered with me on their journeys towards integration and healing. Their willingness has allowed me to continue to grow and provide quality services for all.

Program Activity

Past Programs that have already taken place.

Program Name and Dates


Spring 2015 How to Break the Eat-Repeat-Repent Cycle Free intro Workshop!

From 03/14/2015 to 03/14/2015

TEMPE, AZ Priest and Warner area

Do you spend a significant amount of time worrying about food, weight and exercise? Do you often eat more than you think you should? Do you ever eat in secret or in larger amounts than you think is normal? Do you ever put yourself on starvation diets to make up for the times of over eating? Are you tired of the cycles of dieting, overeating and shame? Please know if any of the above rings true, you are not alone. The Am I Hungry Program for Emotional Eating and Binge Eating can help. Come learn more about how to break the Eat-Repeat-Repent Cycle and how the Am I Hungry? Program can help you be in charge of your life once more. This session is 2 hours and will provide more information about the up coming 10 week AIH-MEBE group to be starting in the Tempe AZ area this Spring. Please Call Heidi at 602.391.6032 for direction and to reserve your spot as space is limited.


From 04/01/2015 to 06/15/2015

Tempe AZ Priest and Warner area

Part of the AIH Body Mind Spirit Campaign, this 10-week intensive format group is designed to help you learn the skills needed to embark on a free from the constraints of emotional eating for good. Dates to be determined based on enrollment. Proposed start date Mid April. Please call Heidi for more information and to set up your initial consultation. 602.391.6032


From 06/17/2014 to 08/22/2014

8727 S. Priest Dr. Suite 101 Tempe, AZ 85284

I will be holding a traditional AIH ME BE 10 week program starting the week of June 16th and running through the week of August 18th. The workshop will fun from 7 to 9 pm on Tuesday Nights and the Therapy Group will run from 7 to 8:15 pm on Friday Nights. For more information please contact me directly at: 602.391.6032 Hope you can join us! Heidi

Fall Renewal Program AIH Mindful Eating for Emotional Eating 10 week intensive program

From 09/09/2016 to 11/11/2016

Tempe AZ Priest and Warner area

Join us this fall to break the eat-repent-repeat cycle once and for all and learn to love your life and care for your body. This intensive program will meet for 10 weeks and will include an educational component, a therapeutic component and a movement component. Payment plans available for all budgets. Call or message me directly for more details. Each participant will receive an initial 1:1 session with Heidi either by phone or in person. Group will be limited to 8 participants, space is limited.

Accepting New Clients

From 02/01/2016 to 12/31/2016

Tempe AZ Priest and Warner area

Work through the AIH-MEBE materials and break free from the grips of emotional eating at your own pace. Call or message Heidi for details.

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