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Jessie Russo RYT 200, CHC, AADP, licensed Am I Hungry?® facilitator.

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Jessie Russo RYT 200, CHC, AADP, licensed Am I Hungry?® facilitator.

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, Washington
United States

About Jessie:

As a former dancer and now Yoga instructor, Jessica has always had a passion for, nutrition, movement, and the mind-body connection. Jessica is a 200 RYT certified yoga teacher through Bala Vinyasa Yoga, a Baptiste affiliate studio. Her fitness background includes work as a PureBarre instructor, and both Mat and Reformer Pilate’s certifications through Balanced Body. Jessica is also a certified holistic health coach receiving her training through the Institute for Integrative Nutrition and has gone on to become a licensed Am I Hungry?® facilitator, focusing her coaching work in mindful eating for individuals, groups and in corporate wellness. In addition, Jessie is also the administrative assistant to Dr. Michelle May and the Am I Hungry? Team.

“My mission is to empower, educate and inspire each individual through the practice of yoga, and mindful eating, guiding them to live a purposeful life. I am committed to supporting and uplifting my community bringing them into their greatness and passing along the gifts my teachers have given to me. “

Am I Hungry?® was the missing link for me in my journey to ending my eat-repent-repeat cycle and developing a healthier relationship with food. After living my entire life in a restrictive eating cycle mixed with "yo-yo" dieting I decided it was time to break free, stop constantly beating myself up for each bite of food that went in my mouth and learn to nourish and fuel myself in a healthy way. What I love about this program is it takes the mindful practices I use in yoga and applies it to my relationship with food, helping me to meet my true emotional needs that food and exercise cannot provide. This practice of mindfulness has carried over from my mat, to my relationship with food, to every other area of my life, helping me to live a more vibrant and fulfilling life.

Jessica will lead you through powerful and challenging work both on and off the mat. Using her nurturing sense she will gently guide you to your personal edge, pushing you past your limitations and inspiring you to step into your most powerful and purposeful self.

Program Activity

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Eat Mindfully, Live Vibrantly! A FREE introduction to the 8 week Am I Hungry?® Mindful Eating Program

From 02/09/2015 to 02/09/2015


Join licensed Am I Hungry?® facilitator, Jessie Russo, for a FREE introduction to the 8 week mindful eating program. Learn about the four eating styles and how your thoughts and behaviors can be altered to allow you to live the full life you deserve, free from obsessions about food, eating, and your weight. Workshop will be held via webinar Monday, February 9th from 6:30-7:30PM. Pre-registration is required. For more information please email info@jessierusso.com

Winter 2015 8 week Am I Hungry?® Mindful Eating Program

From 02/16/2015 to 04/06/2015


Nourish your BodyMindSpirit! Join licensed Am I Hungry?® facilitator Jessie Russo for this 8 week mindful eating webinar to help you take charge of your eating and help you develop an overall healthier lifestyle. This powerful, non-diet approach, will bring awareness to your current relationship with food, help you rediscover your natural instincts to nourish your body, and give you the tools to live a healthy, more vibrant life. With topics including mindful eating, nutrition and physical activity, the workshops include 8, one-hour, weekly webinars, a copy of “Eat what you love, Love what you eat” and a Companion workbook/Awareness journal, email updates and reminders, and a password to our private website portal to connect with other participants. Webinars are held every monday from 6:30-7:30PM EST from February 16th- April 6th 2015. Pre registration is required. For more information please email info@jessierusso.com

Am I Hungry? MIndful Eating Program FREE Introdutory Session for Syracuse University Employees

From 09/15/2015 to 09/15/2015


Am I Hungry? Mindful Eating Webinar for Syracuse University Employees

From 10/06/2015 to 11/24/2015


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