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Alyx's Journal

Alyx struggles with her weight and is relearning to eat instinctively with Am I Hungry?

Hi! I'm Alyx...
Posted on 08/05/2009 @ 9:09 PM

I may not be your typical yo-yo dieter. I had hypoparathyroidism and had a parathyroidectomy. My tumor was much larger than the usual tumors (the size of a chicken egg instead of the size of a grape). The surgery was long and difficult, and I gained a lot of weight immediately after my surgery. Over the next few years I gained a little more weight as my system struggled to get everything done without a parathyroid. I'm finally feeling good now, and have lost about 18 pounds and continue to work on developing a healthy approach to eating. Am I Hungry? is the best thing going so I am going to share my journey with the hopes that it will enlighten, inspire, or at least humor you! Alyx

Michelle May M.D.

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Hi! I'm Alyx...

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