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Lexie's Journal

Lexie struggles with her weight but is learning how to trust her body again with Am I Hungry?

Focus, focus, focus
Posted on 03/02/2008 @ 9:42 PM

I'm going to focus on a couple of areas that will help me in my journey. Eat when I feel hungry instead of putting it off. When I wait too long to eat I'm too hungry and at greater risk of over-eating. Typically I wait too long to eat the first time every day. It's been hard for me to get into the habit and stay in the habit of eating breakfast. I wait too long to eat when I get caught up in another task at work or home. I might feel some signs of hunger, but I always think, "I'll stop in a minute." The next thing I know, "a minute" turns into a couple of hours and then I'm starving. I want to work on getting into the habit of: 1. Eating something for breakfast. 2. Checking in with myself more often to see if I am hungry. 3. Stopping what I am doing and eating when I am hungry instead of in "a minute". Eating slowly. When I'm too hungry I tend to eat faster. Even when I'm not overly hungry, I eat faster than I think would is beneficial. When I eat too fast, I miss my fullness cues. I eat more than I need then a little while later I feel uncomfortably full. I want to work on getting into the habit of: 1. Taking smaller bites 2. Putting my fork down between bites 3. Chewing slowly 4. Mentally describing the foods I am eating...taste, texture, temperature... 5. Walking away sooner, knowing I can always come back for more if I find I'm still hungry. Drink more fluids. Drinking more fluids will help prevent me from thinking I'm hungry when I'm really thirsty. I want to work on getting into the habit of: 1. Drinking more water 2. Drinking during meals instead of waiting until the end Am I Hungry? is ALL about helping you focus on the small steps that make a big difference! See how at

Michelle May M.D.

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Lexie's Journal

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