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Thanksgiving for Thanksgiving
Posted on 11/25/2012 @ 2:42 PM

This was my first Thanksgiving after just completing the Am I Hungry? program. After reading Dr. May’s Thanksgiving Blog on my perspective had already settled in to a place of mindfulness and gratitude. I couldn’t have been more joyful as I held that perspective while preparing each dish. I was thankful for knowing those who had shared their recipes from years of family traditions. I reminisced about many good times, and lovingly remembered the ones who have passed. I could almost hear my mother’s voice guiding me as I cooked. And I gave thanks for all the ingredients, and all those who made it possible to easily select these items from my neighborhood grocery store.

I love to cook, so it is no effort at all to enjoy that process, but this year there was even more lightness to it. The heavy “shoulding” was gone. Yes, there’s butter in the dressing, sugar in the pie, and fat in the whipped cream. But, these are no longer enemies I fear. Nor are they forbidden foods that tempt me over and over again to overindulge “just this once.” They are wonderful gifts. With balance, variety and moderation on my side, they no longer threaten me. I am simply thankful that they are part of my Thanksgiving experience too.

My plate reflected my more mindful and appreciative approach as well. Turkey, dressing, cranberry relish, and those wonderful fresh green beans; these are the foods I genuinely wanted to enjoy mindfully. The spinach-artichoke dip, mashed potatoes and gravy, and deviled eggs felt like invaders to the eating experience I really wanted. I was shocked, but felt wonderfully free from that “better get it while I can” trap from years past. The small piece of pumpkin pie with a bit of whipped cream was the perfect closure to a wonderful day of mindfulness and gratitude in both eating and living.

Michelle May M.D.

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